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All our staging projects begin with The Consultation. During this session, we will explore all furnishing options, including full and partial furniture and decor rentals, any needed repairs or replacements, decluttering, reorganizing, etc.

At the end of your consultation, you will receive an email detailing all our recommendations, as discussed, complete with your “to-do” list and an action plan for moving forward with an LNI Staging Project.

Staging Statistics

 A 2018 survey of over 4000 homes, (vacant and occupied), showed that 85% of staged homes, sold for 6-25% more than unstaged homes in the same market!

-Source: Home Staging Resources

Do not miss out on the opportunity to make the right first impression. Schedule your consultation today!

For clients tackling the ‘to-do’ list on their own, you’re going great! Keep going and book a progress visit.


NOTE: Our minimum design fee for an LNI Staging Project is $1195, regardless of size of product.

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